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G.I. Joe: Retaliation

RATINGS REVIEW G.I. Joe: Retaliation is the second of the GI Joe series. This movie has intense action scenes and has decent acting. One thing I did not like about this sequel is that it was cheesy in a few ways. The Ninja “master” was blind and was “wise”. The bad guys always seem to […]


RATING REVIEW Skyfall is the latest in the 007 franchise. I saw this movie the week it came out, it had exceptional reviews. Coming into a movie knowing it has great reviews hypes up the movie greatly. So when it doesn’t meet the standards then it isn’t as good of a movie overall. This movie was a […]

21 Jump Street

RATING REVIEW Two cops just graduating from the Police Academy fail to do well in the real world and are given one chance to keep their jobs. They must go back to high school and stop a drug ring. This action comedy movie is all about the high school life and how they need to […]

This Means War

RATINGS REVIEW Two CIA Agents are working on an operation that involves taking down an international threat. After they failed to catch the criminal and instead cause chaos and headlines in newspapers, their boss assigns them to desk duty as punishment. After seeing a commercial for online dating they both seek out dates and without […]

Iron Sky

RATINGS REVIEW In 1945 when the Nazis where defeated a group of Nazis escaped earth and went to the dark side of the moon. They built an underground base and started preparing for an invasion they were going to make on Earth. The Americans stumble upon the Nazi space station as they were visiting the […]

Men in Black III

RATINGS REVIEW Men in Black III is now officially playing in theaters getting decent reviews from most websites. The hype was big on this movie ever since it was rumored, and now it has finally come to you. This time Will Smith is going back in time to save Agent K from getting assassinated in […]